Revitalizing a Dead Blog

Sometimes it’s important to know when to call it.

My blog, time of death: June 2008.

A lot has happened since then and a lot continues to happen. I’ve always enjoyed blogging but somehow it just got away from me. I’m not going to let that happen this time for a couple reasons.

Firstly, I work from home. I can blog for 15 minutes a day if I want and not worry if my boss is looking over my shoulder. Hopefully, the blog can get rolling and build a bit of a readership before any moves to other jobs take place in my life. If all goes well, that won’t happen any time in the next couple years.

Secondly, I’ve realized a fundamental flaw with my previous blog: It was a technology-only blog. This is a personal space for me to write about whatever I want. Hopefully someone will find my thoughts and insights interesting, but it won’t all be about technology. That’s because I don’t read the news on 20 different technology topics and feel the need to blog about it. Others do that and do it quite well. I read those blogs. What will I write about regarding technology? Things that I’m doing and things that I discover. Perhaps some day I’ll learn a neat way of building Android application interfaces that I’ll want to share. Or I’ll create a brand new thing that no one else has ever done. *fingers crossed*

I’ve been very fortunate to have a very full life with a lot of friends, family, and interests that keep me busy. So that being the case, I’m going to write about things I discover and things that are interesting to me. I want to write about having a cool job, working on cool things, to write about karate and mixed-martial arts, space and physics and philosophical or hypothetical discussions about things we don’t know, about my kids and the awesomeness of being a dad, about what inspires me (like my wife) and to see if these things are interesting to you, and inspire you.

Let’s hope this works.